About KKMI

Our Mission:

The Kennedy King Memorial Initiative builds on the historical events of April 4, 1968, to raise awareness, provoke thought and inspire action to eliminate division and injustice.


Our Vision:

Peaceful dialogue replaces hate and violence.

Within this urban park, the Kennedy King Memorial Initiative would like to develop education programs and community resources to utilize the space in ways that help improve people’s lives both young and old. We want our park to become an international destination for people seeking to promote Civil Rights all over the world. We want to provide a safe and constructive environment to effect social improvement. Help Kennedy King Park become a meeting ground for like-minded Peace Keepers!

Why we gather each year:

Screen shot 2013-09-25 at 10.06.00 PMOur Initiative specifically honors the historic event that took place in Indianapolis on the evening of April 4th 1968. On that fateful day, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was tragically assassinated in Memphis. That very night, Senator Robert F. Kennedy was scheduled to give a campaign speech to the city of Indianapolis.

Despite warnings about his own personal safety and the fear of possible violence in the wake of the assassination, Kennedy insisted that he personally address the men and women who had gathered for his campaign rally at 17th and Broadway.

Many historians credit Kennedy’s six-minute, unrehearsed speech of peace and non-violence as a major factor in Indianapolis avoiding the violence that took place across the nation. images-1 Our Initiative feels this is an epic accomplishment which needs to be remembered each year.

Our annual commemoration festival is a torch bearer to honor ALL citizens the world over who strive to uphold those same values of courage, peace, freedom and equality.  Please join our efforts to transform King Park into a global destination to celebrate and continue in the footsteps of these two heros to build a strong, peaceful global community dedicated to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Donate, Get involved, and Celebrate with us!

Kennedy and King

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